[amsat-bb] Repeater interference on AO-92

Stephen DeVience sjdevience at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 18:39:26 UTC 2020

*Not to get too far off topic, but this is the kind of thing that an
SDR in orbit could help hunt down.  Imagine one of the GOLFs, with is
SDR capability.....*

Yes, with its very own NROL-37, AMSAT could make enough money to put a
lot of satellites in orbit! Speaking of which, I'm sure there's a
recording of the interfering stations *somewhere* already.

KV1J, that would be awesome to test. Even just recording the repeater
output if someone is talking during the pass might allow it to be
correlated with a satellite recording. I was going to try on echolink,
but it looks like the nodes are down. Maybe leave a radio on the input
frequency sometime as well to see if anyone on baofengs shows up.

-Stephen, N8URE

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