[amsat-bb] Repeater interference on AO-92

Eric Williams kv1j at comcast.net
Tue Apr 28 15:14:09 UTC 2020

Yes, I am also listening to the uplink freq.  Next pass is in about 1 hour.
73  Eric  KV1J 

(I use digest mode for this list so pardon the not including the string of

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I am in the area of a suspected repeater. Also in the area of the towns
mentioned to could be that machine.  I'll watch for the next AO-92 pass and
announce my call of the repeater a few times and listen to AO-92.  So if you
hear "KV1J" it is me testing for the interference.  I have not looked at the
pass schedule yet but I can try a couple passes.
73,  Eric  KV1J  FN42

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