[amsat-bb] Let's take some pictures.

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Fri Apr 24 18:24:47 UTC 2020

The command team has had a few requests for camera mode on AO-92 over the
last few weeks, and it's been a while, so let's take some pictures next


Next Tuesday morning, April 28th, we'll attempt to command the camera on at
approximately 1440Z and 1612Z. We'll also try the 1750Z pass. If we can't
command on the 1750Z pass, we'll find a suitable pass later in the week for
the west coast.


Take a look at
https://www.amsat.org/foxtelem-software-for-windows-mac-linux/ for a guide
on how to set up FoxTelem, and https://www.amsat.org/tlm/showImages.php?id=4
for near-live images as we go. Remember, the more stations submitting
telemetry during the event, the better the chance of complete images!


73, Drew KO4MA

AMSAT VP Operations


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