[amsat-bb] Tuning M2 LEO pack antennas

Mon Apr 20 23:02:17 UTC 2020

Thanks to all who replied so far - and I appreciate all ideas and suggestions.  

I failed to say that the cables are all ABR Industries premade 75’ LMR-400 UltraFlex and the rotor cables were also premade by ABR.  Chuck and the folks at ABR did a great job of supporting me and have some ready-to-order short adapter cables that go a square Molex-similar European connector with 6-pins to 6 spade lugs that easily connect to the Yaesu G-5500 rotor control unit.  This made the rotor cable “snap-and-play”.  

I quickly took some photos of the Leo pack to show cable routing, etc but AMSAT-BB rules forbid attachments, so if you would like pictures I can send them to your email.   

This brings me to how the LEO pack got on the roof - a friend, who knows nothing of radio but is great mechanically did the assembly and roof install.  He is Cambodian and I am sure I heard cursing about the M2 directions in at least TWO languages!

Please provide any input you may have as we will try very soon to rework as needed from the roof to save taking it all down to retune.  I suspect that the biggest issue will be to use the M2 dimensions for the driven element shorting block.


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