[amsat-bb] 23cm antenna

Nick KE8AKW nicholasmahr1 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 21:41:23 UTC 2020

Definitely recommend a directional antenna of some kind. Dont get hung up
on polarity (Horizontal, Circular) too much. I use a Directive Systems 45
Element Loop Yagi that works nicely. The two best brands if antennas for
23cm base station sat work that are popular today are Directive Systems
which makes loop yagis and Wimo which makes 23cm Helix antennas. Both work
very well. The most important factor I have found with this band is to keep
your horizon as clear as possible. Tree leafs or hills will heavily
attenuate your signal on this band more so then 70cm, so elevate your
antenna if possible that will help alot. You can get into the bird with as
little as 1w if your horizon is completely clear, but if you have big
obstructions like massive pine trees like I do, 10w or a bit more may be
needed. It's a very fun mode to operate and tinker on.

73 Nick KE8AKW

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