[amsat-bb] Amsat Journal, Digital-only

Mike Hoblinski hobergenix at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 04:33:22 UTC 2020

The Amsat-UK membership offers a membership that has both mail and digital
opticion for their
journal version. I live in the USA and am an Amsat-NA member but I enjoy
reading other
satellite news and stories. I receive their digital copy as soon as its put
out. I can download it
and save it for future reading and reference. They do put a water mark or
reference on the first
page to identify the person and source of the download. Having the Amsat
Journal downloadable
might be of interest to other people around the world that would like to
see some of the fine articles in it. Maybe charge a fee per issue. Another
plus for members could be online storage of back
issues. I enjoy going back thru my stack of paper copies on a rainy day and
always seem to find something I have missed or now want to try. Some
members could opt for a digital only Journal
maybe saving some costs and paper.

Just my thoughts
Mike Hoblinski

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