[amsat-bb] Amsat Journal, Digital-only?

Zach Metzinger zmetzing at pobox.com
Mon Apr 20 00:17:13 UTC 2020

On 04/19/20 19:01, Cathryn Mataga wrote:
>  From the website.
> "The March/April issue of /The AMSAT Journal/ will be produced on time. 
> However, it may only be possible to publish it in digital format. Stay 
> tuned for further updates."

Ah, that's good background.

I'm one of those curmudgeons that actually likes to read paper, so I'm 
not in favor of this course of action. An opt-in, sure, but not a 
wholesale change.

I spend far too much time looking at glowing pixels.

--- Zach

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