[amsat-bb] PO-101 did not seem to hear me

Roy Dean royldean at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 00:05:44 UTC 2020

> I just tried to make some QSOs on the PO-101 pass starting around 22:04Z
> just a little bit ago. However, even though I could clearly hear the
> satellite for nearly it's entire pass, I could not seem to make it in. I'm
> not sure what wasn't configured right. This is my very first attempt with
> this satellite

PO-101 is very stubborn when it comes to uplink power.   I've never tried
below 10 watts, and even when I'm using 20 watts (which is now my standard
with it), it sometimes "cuts out" in the middle of a qso.   It may be even
more difficult with just an HT and an Elk, which isn't all that great on
70cm to start with.   YMMV.


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