[amsat-bb] PO-101 did not seem to hear me

Loren M. Lang penguin359 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 22:57:55 UTC 2020

I just tried to make some QSOs on the PO-101 pass starting around 22:04Z
just a little bit ago. However, even though I could clearly hear the
satellite for nearly it's entire pass, I could not seem to make it in. I'm
not sure what wasn't configured right. This is my very first attempt with
this satellite.

I am using a Yaesu FT-3DR with an Elk Antenna. I had very clear audio for
much of the pass which is usually the more difficult part from experience.
On that pass, I heard:

K8YSE/7 DM43

I'm not looking for LoTW confirmations, just if any of them heard me at
all. I have five presets, all receive on 145.900 and transmit on 437.490,
437.495, 437.500, 437.505, and 437.510 MHz in that order. When pressing
PTT, my radio showed the corresponding TX frequency and also TN 141.3 along
with FM in the corner so I can't figure out what I was doing wrong
especially during the peak when it should be close to being on frequency.
I've been very successful with my set up on AO-91, AO-92, and SO-50 so it
leaves me completely befuddled what I did wrong.


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