[amsat-bb] what is a good contact?

Bob Liddy (K8BL) k8bl at ameritech.net
Sun Apr 12 20:44:07 UTC 2020

I've been Roving for quite a few years. It takes a lot of time and effort
and $$$ to activate some of the Grids I've been to. My joy is to give out
Grids to those who need them. It's all done gladly and willingly.

This is what I consider a "Good Contact". 

1 - I set up and wait for the Pass and announce my Call/Grid when I hear myself.
2 - A station calls me with My Call and Their Call.
3 - I respond to them with Their Call & My Call/Grid
4 - That's a "Good Contact" - they heard me & responded, I heard them & responded
5 - Contact logged, next station calls.

The Pass is copied on my Sony ICD-BX140 Digital Recorder via a mini-mic
placed in one side of my headphones which catches both sides of the QSO. Then,
when I return to where I'm staying, I transcribe the QSOs for uploading to
LoTW. If there is doubt with a Call, I'll listen to the recording again to verify.

This has worked very well for me for over 125 different Grid activations and
many several times as I travel. I don't recall any complaints, however, they would
all be handled appropriately(!).

GL/73,    Bob  K8BL             (AMSAT #6593, since 1979)

P.S. The Digital Recorder can be seen in a pic on my QRZ Page.

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