[amsat-bb] What is a good contact?

z man zm1267 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 18:56:20 UTC 2020

>From now on I'm just going to put my call out there on the satellite and
ANY station that also puts their call out, will be considered a contact...
(Tongue in cheek)

I live in RI. If I try to work a station in AK or HI, I have to make sure I
get their call AND grid correct, otherwise its a busted contact and a
struggle to work them again. Using a recorder is good for logbook updates,
but if I were to realize I got their call wrong, you bet I'm emailing them
to set up a sked for a redo! It's the same thing for HF contacts...

Im not here to argue, just answer a question. You're going to do what
you're comfortable with. It's just a hobby - some people forget that. You
didn't hear the call or grid right the first time? Work 'em again - it's
moe funner that way!


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