[amsat-bb] what is a good contact?

Roy Dean royldean at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 00:41:45 UTC 2020

>   Grid squares are required, is there an alternative other than RST?
>    Ron VE8RT

I think all you need to do is exchange ANY type of information (other than
your callsign, of course - which IS mandatory).

So, grid, first name, occupation, what you had for dinner, etc.   I believe
most people use grids because then you are also elligible for all the
awards that go with grid collection.

I also believe that using a recording (that you actually made yourself on
the pass) is totally legit.   Using a recording from a satnogs station 500
miles away - not so much.  I'm not a grid-chaser, per se - so I'm sure
somebody else will give you the official position on both questions.


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