[amsat-bb] suggested audio recorder?

Russ Kinner wizardofzid at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 22:44:55 UTC 2020

I use an Olympus IEC JIS LR03 Which is also used to record classroom sessions.  Its about the size of a small candy bar and holds about 22 hrs. in mp3 format.  It has a built-in USB connector to get the files into a PC and a MIC micro phone jack along built in microphone.  Any electronic recorder should work fine with these minimum features.

I use Audacity to edit and change formats to get a file that can be emailed or placed on a file service such a Google or dropbox (there are several others if you record daily and need the space.)

WD9EWK among several others record most passes on FM birds that are in range.  He is only 25 miles away from me so hears the same passes as I do.  Look for someone near you if you want to check what other stations hear.  With receiver de-sense, you may not hear exactly what others do. 

There are resources to help on line if you do a little searching.  There is no one place to check but Amsat is a good starting point as is this message service.  I'm only 2+ months on the FM birds and I have a ways to go to have a good signal/operating practice but I'm much farther along due to on line info.  Keep asking questions when you need help.

Rusty. WA8ZID

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