[amsat-bb] odd phenomena AO7 ?

Ron VE8RT ve8rt at yknwt.ca
Tue Apr 7 21:36:40 UTC 2020

  back in the late 80's and early 90's I'd heard this on the HF sats
that downlinked on 10M, but not on 2M.

 While looking at future satellite plots I had the receiver tuned to
the mid band of the AO7 downlink and I'm hearing CW (145.948 MHz).
There are no amateur satellites above my horizon, anywhere.  It was
very clear, sounded like someone listening for their output, long
dashes, bursts of CW, pauses, more of the same.  I thought that I'd
recorded it, but I didn't press the record button long enough and have
nothing to show for it.  GPredict, at about 21:12 UTC had the azimuth
of AO7 at 327 deg with an elevation of -54.  It lasted a few minutes
and the followed the Doppler correction as shown on GPredict.  When I
pointed my antenna to the GPredict azimuth for AO7 the signal strength
noticeably increased.

  Does this also happen on 2M?

    Ron VE8RT

Ron VE8RT <ve8rt at yknwt.ca>

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