[amsat-bb] IC-475H CI-V questions - sorted out?

Ron VE8RT ve8rt at yknwt.ca
Tue Apr 7 16:13:07 UTC 2020

Thanks for the private e-mails, the CI-V is now working.  too my
surprise invoking grig or rigctld would not work until I dropped the
CI-V address in the command line.  Without -c14 (or -c anything) it
worked.  I have more questions, now that I can follow the Doppler
shift, in a subsequent post.

Going to try in a minute or two on XW-2

      Ron VE8RT DP22

On Mon, 6 Apr 2020 23:00:18 -0600
Ron VE8RT via AMSAT-BB <amsat-bb at amsat.org> wrote:

>   I've recently came into an IC-475H that I'd like to use as the uplink
> on linear sats.  But I'm having some trouble getting the CAT control to
> work.  I'm using grig instead of going in/out of Gpredict just to test
> the CI-V link.
> I thought that this should work in grig:
> grig -m 307 -r /dev/ttyUSB1 -s 1200 -c 14
>   but it doesn't seem to connect.  I have visually verified in the 475
> the switch settings for the address and speed, they're set to default
> $14 1200 baud.  With nothing connected the DC voltage on the remote
> output is about 2.0VDC which agrees with the schematic.
>   I'm hoping that there is something I've overlooked.  The interface
> with grig works with my IC-R7000 
> grig -m 340 -r /dev/ttyUSB1 -s 1200 -c 08
>    Ron VE8RT
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> Ron VE8RT <ve8rt at yknwt.ca>
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Ron VE8RT <ve8rt at yknwt.ca>

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