[amsat-bb] A Critique on Operations of the FM Birds

Brad Smith corlissbs at aol.com
Tue Apr 7 14:31:04 UTC 2020

My 2 cents worth of opinion, given free. I own both the Alinco DJ-G7 and Kenwood D72. There is no comparison between the two radios. The Alinco has desense problems, so one still has to use two radios to work full duplex. Where the Alinco shines, is that it can do L/v on AO-92, but still with another radio for down link to hear it best. Save your money for a D710, unless you are looking for L/v!

50 watts?? I think that if you check the specs of the new 9700 radio, it puts out more than 50 watts. Couple that to a 30 db gain yagi antenna any one can "rule the airwaves." Yes, please give us portable and handheld hams a break. But the offenders probably are not on this message board. As portables, we try to do the best we can. I do throw my call out once during most passes that I work, because I know that hams need some of the grids that i work from when I rove. I learned that by Gridmaster. I am happy to give someone a grid by appointment.
I began working the FM and linear birds in 2013. It has always been a "good old boys club" on the birds. Guys saying "Hi" to their friends and it isn't going to change. I remember Uncle Frank being the center of attention on each pass and there was a "Breakfast Club." It was fun back then. Yes, the birds were much less busy, but not much has or will change other than the amount of people trying to get into a bird. PO-101 seems to be that way now.
Why does one permanent shack station, with high power have to dominate a pass? Especially when a rover is on. Make one contact and let people get the rover. Just because you may not collect grids, a lot of others do.
I, personally am unhappy with what I am hearing on the FM birds and it is not the guys saying "Hi" to their friends. There is a lot more going on our there.

There are some very poor operators out there and I believe, some jammers with open mics, etc. That part is sad and has gotten worse, lately. Again,just my opinion and thank you for letting me voice it. Brad Smith KC9UQR

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