[amsat-bb] AMSAT Awards during Stay Home orders

Bruce kk5do at arrl.net
Sat Apr 4 15:46:32 UTC 2020

So, you are sitting at home waiting to go back to work. You are working 
some of the passes of a satellite. Logging as you go. What are you going 
to do with all those contacts in your log? Easy…

You apply for an AMSAT or ARRL award. The ARRL has Worked All States, 
DXCC and VUCC all with satellite endorsements. AMSAT has the Satellite 
Communicator Club for working your very first contact on a satellite. 
The easiest award to apply for. Go directly to the AMSAT Online store 
and purchase the award. In the comments enter the time/date, satellite 
and station worked. That’s it. No waiting for QSL cards, no waiting for 
LoTW confirmation. Then send me an email that you have paid for the 
award so I know there is one waiting to be processed.

AMSAT has a few other awards. The AMSAT Satellite Communications 
Achievement Award for working 20 different contacts in different US 
States, VE Call Areas and DXCC entities. Adding 40 more, you earn the 
AMSAT Sexagesimal Award and adding another 40 earns the AMSAT Century 

Have you been keeping your log for a long time? You might already 
qualify for the AMSAT Robert W. Barbee Jr., W4AMI Satellite Operator 
Achievement Award. This award is for 1,000 contacts with anyone over a 
satellite. Endorsements for each 1,000 up to 4,000 and a special 
certificate at 5,000.

There is also the South Africa AMSAT Satellite Communications 
Achievement award. This award is for 25 contacts through a LEO 
satellite. As we have no HEO satellites at this time and only one GEO 
satellite you are pretty much good on almost any satellite you work.

And the final one, the AMSAT Rover award. A bit much to explain here.

You can get information on all the AMSAT Awards at http://www.amsat.org 
click on Services and click on the word Awards. You can also click on 
each of the individual awards to get information on each.

Submission is easy for the AMSAT awards. Scan your QSL cards or screen 
shot your LoTW for each contact. Place them in a ZIP file, Word 
Document, PDF document and email them to kk5do at amsat dot org. I will 
then take a look at your submission, complete my documentation and email 
you to go pay for the award/s at the AMSAT online store.

Remember, all satellites are COVID-19 free and you should have no 
hesitation making a contact through one.



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