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Jim and group,

Maybe I heard this question differently, I heard, what are the advantages of balancing an antenna in the middle at its balance point, versus closer to the reflective end using a counterweight?   

I am also entertaining this option, as the height of my rotor, and thereby the serviceability of the array, are dependent on the length of the back (reflective end) of the antenna).  The more antenna behind, the more chance it will hit the ground or roof line.

Michael Hatzakis Jr   K3MH

> On Apr 2, 2020, at 8:00 AM, jim--- via AMSAT-BB <amsat-bb at amsat.org> wrote:
> Bob Hammond asked (in part):
>> I have my M2 LEO antennas plus a WiMo 23cm helical antenna end-mounted on a
>> fiberglass boom with the G-5500.  I also placed a counterbalance lead
>> weight opposite the antennas.
>> How many of you with similar antennas and a G-5500 have NOT used a
>> counterbalance?  Any issues?
> I would highly recommend against using any substantial antenna arrangement on an elevation rotor without it being balanced.  If it is not balanced, you are putting far more strain on the gears and motor.  Try this to understand the difference.  Take your antenna, and hold it at one end with one hand.  Point it at the horizon.  Then rotate it so it points straight up.  Now move your hand so it is at the balance point, and repeat the demo.  Which one do think is easier?  Don't have an antenna handy, use a long piece of pipe, or conduit, or rebar, or even a stick or baseball bat.
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