[amsat-bb] Unacceptable Content on AMSAT-BB

Robert Bankston ke4al at yahoo.com
Sat May 4 00:28:34 UTC 2019

The recent spat of AMSAT-BB posts have been disheartening, resulting in members not involved in the conversations to either unsubscribe or inquire of ways to activate filters.
In order to preserve a constructive environment, messages posted to the AMSATBB must contain appropriate content and be respectful of all members and readers of the list.
Please take a moment to refamiliarize yourself with Acceptable Use Policy for the AMSAT Public Mailing Lists, located at https://www.amsat.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/AMSAT-AUP.pdf.
Further violators of this policy will be subjected to manual moderation or have their ability to post messages suspended.

Robert Bankston, KE4ALAMSAT-NA VP of User Services

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