[amsat-bb] ARMADILLO spotted over Japan!

Shivani Patel shivanipatel1783 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 26 18:02:01 UTC 2019

HUGE THANK YOU to JA0CAW, who spotted ARMADILLO over Japan! He has posted the beacon on twitter @JA0CAW. Thanks also to Scott, K4KDR for connecting the dots for us! This is the first beacon heard for our satellite!!!Our team is currently still working on stations and a decoder to post on github for everyone, we just need to verify with the University that it's alright to do so.For now, our beacon features our vehicle's callign is ascii and quotes from the video game "Portal", so give us a listen! Based on info from CalPoly and from PSAT, we think we are either Object J or Object K in the database, 44347 or 44348.Parameters again are 437.525MHz DL, 19200 baud, GFSK, beacons every 10 seconds, vehicle callsign WH2XYR.
Overall we are inexperienced with respect to interacting with the amateur community (and building satellites for that matter) but we already owe everyone a lot for helping us find our satellite while we are indisposed, SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Shivani, KG5EAU

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