[amsat-bb] AI6DO Field Day Report

Ryan Noguchi ai6do at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 25 03:08:25 UTC 2019

 Great job!  I have yet to work anyone on EO-88. Passes in eclipse are normally past my night-night time. 

I think you're right, on some of those passes I was on, QRO CW stations may have been overwhelming the transponder. They certainly overwhelmed my ear when I had the volume turned up to try to copy the SSB stations beneath them. 

Perhaps the AMSAT Field Day rules should be revised to discourage CW on the satellites if folks can't keep to responsible power levels. I like to work CW on HF, but I don't suck all the life out of the ionosphere when I key up. 

73, Ryan AI6DO

    On Sunday, June 23, 2019, 3:22:03 PM PDT, Matthew Stevens <matthew at mrstevens.net> wrote:  
 the linears were the opposite of empty over here on the east coast... I did 10 passes, making about 40 qsos. The center of the passband on each linear pass was nuts, with 5-10 different stations all calling cq over one another. I used a borrowed 910, and my handheld arrow. It was nice to have the extra power when needed...there was one station in particular that I'm pretty sure had to be running about 300w lol. Every time they keyed up, literally every other station in the passband dropped out.

Easiest pass by far was EO-88, I worked N8HM and W4YY, and heard one other station before the transponder shut off....
- Matthew nj4y/K4LKL


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