[amsat-bb] G5400B rotor problem

Richard Lawn rjlawn at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 00:52:21 UTC 2019

I have an old 5400B that I use at a summer location. I use another old fox
delta serial control interface that emulate GS-232. It has developed a
strange problem with the AZ rotor that seems to occur when it reaches the
extreme S (past E) where  it tends to freeze. The only way to unfreeze it
and gain control again is to shut the control box off for a short time and
then it will run fine manually or under control by SATPC32. I’m guessing
there may be some thermal device inside the rotor itself that is exceeding
a limit and needs to cool down. I’d love to hear some suggestions on what
the problem might be.

Rick, W2JAZ
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