[amsat-bb] Lost in the Hertz Rove Plans

Kell Bodholt KBodholt at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 21 23:42:58 UTC 2019

Lost in the Hertz Rove, Sunday June 23, 2019, Kell (KI7UXT) and John (KC7JPC) will rove to DN06/07/16/17 grid corner (plan A) or DN06/07 grid line (plan B) and work FM satellites and if time/pass permits work a few linear satellites. @AMSAT, @KE4AL. We plan on arriving at the corner by 18:00UTC and work the following passes:

SO-50 - 18:30:27Z     KC7JPC
AO-92 - 18:32:42Z.    KI7UXT
AO-91 - 19:31:47Z     KC7JPC
AO-92 - 20:07:17Z     KI7UXT
SO-50 - 20:12:45Z     KC7JPC
PO-101 - 20:37:22Z      KI7UXT
AO-91 - 21:10:04Z      KC7JPC
SO-50 - 21:56:06Z      KI7UXT
PO-101 - 22:12:46Z      KC7JPC
SO-50 - 23:38:02Z      KI7UXT
PO-101 - 23:49:51Z      KC7JPC
SO-50 - 01:18:42Z      KI7UXT



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