[amsat-bb] New release of G0KLA Tracker

Chris Thompson g0kla at arrl.net
Fri Jun 21 21:48:46 UTC 2019

I have released version 1.01a of the G0KLA Satellite tracker. I had hoped
to get it out further in advance of field day, but work pressures got in
the way.  Anyway for those of you in the US, here it is the day before :)

This version has a few tweaks, most requested by users.
* Key display settings can be changed on the main window from a set of
icons bottom left. e.g. showing spacecraft in eclipse vs sun.
* You can display horizontal lines for 30 and 60 degrees.
* You can display horizontal lines for all labels on the vertical axis if
you want
* Time labels have a slightly more sensible gap between them, e.g. 15 mins,
vs a random amount that fit in the window like 13 mins
* Past mins can now be as short as 10 mins, though you can also specify a
long period if you want

The downloads are in the usual place here:

g0kla / ac2cz

Chris E. Thompson
chrisethompson at gmail.com
g0kla at arrl.net

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