[amsat-bb] 2nd/backup FM HT recommendations

Philip Jenkins n4hf.philip at gmail.com
Thu Jun 20 21:51:40 UTC 2019

 I'm considering buying another FM HT for the birds, mainly to use as a
backup - for demos. (I already have a D72, which is my main unit for
personal use and demos right now,  and a VX7R, but the latter has seen
better days.)

For those of you who have attempted to use just a D72 for a demo - with an
external speaker as well as the  headset/mic - this results in a rat's nest
of adapters/connectors/wires. I have the adapter sold on eBay, but
unfortunately it attenuates the audio signal (for digital voice recorders),
instead of amplifying it for an external speaker , which is what I need. (I
guess I could use a powered speaker on that output, but that's one more
thing to carry - and power-up! :-) )

So I think *two* radios might work better - wiring wise - for demos. If I
buy a Baofeng (or similar), I won't use it for the receive part due to the
desense problems on some models (looking at  the section in 2019's "Getting
Started with Amateur Satellites").  I'm considering the Alinco, since it
does have 1.2 Ghz, and using the D72 for receive in that set up (but that
still doesn't easily solve the wiring/connector mess for an external
speaker/headphones for that radio).

Are there other radios which are more "external speaker" friendly which I
should consider? I'm open to almost any combination of manufacturers
(except for the Baofeng types for receive, as noted above).  I'm even open
to buying another D72 (but probably hoarding it except for special

In short, what are your recommendations for a second, spare, radio for the
FM birds?

I'm also curious how others have wired their single HTs - or two HTs - for
demos using an external speaker. So if you could explain - with or without
pictures - how you accomplish this, I'd appreciate it.


Philip N4HF

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