[amsat-bb] DSLWP-B UHF Plan

韦明川 wmc_jx at 163.com
Sat Jun 15 15:09:38 UTC 2019

Hi OMs,

Here is the DSLWP-B UHF plan for the following days:

18 Jun 14:00 to 16:00
19 Jun 02:10 to 04:10

All time in UTC. GMSK & JT4G on both freq.

SSDV album: http://lilacsat.hit.edu.cn/dashboard/pages_en/pics-b.html   

Online JT4G telemetry forwarder: http://lilacsat.hit.edu.cn/dashboard/pages_en/jt4g_forwarder.html
JT4G telemetry display: http://lilacsat.hit.edu.cn/dashboard/pages_en/jt4g.html   
GMSK telemetry: http://lilacsat.hit.edu.cn/dashboard/pages_en/telemetry-b.html 

VY TNX & 73!



WEI Mingchuan

Research Center of Satellite Technology
Harbin Institute of Technology
mobile: +86-189-4501-5242
e-mail: wmc_jx at 163.com; bg2bhc at gmail.com



























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