[amsat-bb] More reliable source than SatNOGS DB?

Martin Cooper kd6yam at amsat.org
Sat Jun 15 00:37:51 UTC 2019

I'd been contemplating using the SatNOGS database to do automated
lookups of transmitter info for satellites (from code), but frankly
the database seems to be a bit of a mess. For example, in the
'satellites' database, there are cases of the same satellite name
mapping to multiple NORAD catalog ids, the 'names' field being used
inconsistently (and even containing an essay about the satellite in
one case), and so forth. Similarly, the 'transmitters' database also
has issues.

Is there a more reliable source that can be queried through an API? I
know N2YO has an API, but it's focused on real-time tracking, and
doesn't appear to include transmitter info (though the site's
satellite pages do).



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