[amsat-bb] OUTERnet becomes OTHERnet (APRS geo feed)

Matthew J Wolf mwolf at speciosus.net
Fri Jun 14 00:17:45 UTC 2019

I gota Dreamcatcher Data Radiowhen they where on sale for $49. I can
confirm that you can replace the supplied USB WiFi NIC with the TP-Link
TL-UE3000 USB Ethernet NIC.

I have to use a Pringles can on the LNB to get a marginalsignal, SNR
-12.5 to -14 dB. Every time it rains I have to readjustthe LNB.

I have senta few test ARPS messages from N4MTT-2 via rf to a local
i-gate. The messages then were seen on the down link via a text file.
The Skylark operating system has a "Messages" application that displays
the text file.

APRS Link can display the history of the messages sent to OUTNET,

I noticed the messages I sent to OUTNET did not receive a REPLY ACK.
There where duplicate messages on the down link from another SSID. I
wanted to avoid sending duplicate messages. In Xastir I canceled the
messages after the first message transmission.

I agreethatit "is a powerful capability" .

-Matt, N4MTT

> Since about 2 years ago, the APRS satellite ground station captures have
> been made available worldwide via three GEO satellites for reception
> anywhere on earth.
> But I recently found that the OUTERnet system has changed to a new GEO
> satellite constellation and no longer uses INMARSAT L band satellites but
> is now using a KA band downlink over the USA.  And that they are now
> selling a new receiver kit for this satellite.

> Has anyone kept up with them?
> Here is my original WEB page but with the  links changed from OUTnet to
> OTHERnet:
> http://aprs.org/othernet.html
> If anyone has one of their receivers or is receiving the downlink and/or
> wants to help me get my web page all cleaned up to what has changed over
> the last two years, let me know.
> This is a powerful capability.  I hope we can keep it working.
> Bob, Wb4APR

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