[amsat-bb] agw_onlinekiss_plus.exe on Linux with Wine

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Thu Jun 13 05:15:23 UTC 2019

On 13-06-2019 04:08, Hans BX2ABT via AMSAT-BB wrote:

Good morning Hans,

> Scott to the rescue! This older version does start up and I'm waiting
> for some telemetry to come in right now. And it does indeed connect to
> Direwolf, which is much better than HS_soundmodem in the sense that it
> doesn't use the soundcard to route audio from GQRX, but UDP instead.
> Great! Thanks Scott.

Good to hear that you finally got it running. You can also have a look
at https://www.pe0sat.vgnet.nl/decoding/unix-tlm-decoding/ for some 

> @JE9PEL: all OCX files were registered, checked not once, not twice,
> but thrice. So what I suspected already is that the recent versions of
> AGW_onlinekiss_plus and getKiss share a similar code base, which is
> different from the previous AGW_onlinekiss.

Both AGW version will work with the config that I shared.

> Now Jan, your instructions on how to install on Linux are very clear,
> but if they can't be reproduced by an innocent passerby then they are
> of little use. Have you tried it on a clean install, like Ubuntu
> 19.04?

And yes I have installed it on multiple systems. Debian testing, uBuntu 
16.04 TLS.
When you doubt the install, move the Ham specific directories to a 
temporary location
and remove rm -rf ~/.wine and start again with the winetricks step and 
the rest.

> Final request: can someone post or email me an example .kss file from
> any current sat (like the XW, CAS, etc.) for me to test the decoder?

On this location you can find example .kss files 

> Hans

73 Jan - PE0SAT

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