[amsat-bb] agw_onlinekiss_plus.exe on Linux with Wine

Hans BX2ABT hans.bx2abt at msa.hinet.net
Wed Jun 12 13:51:56 UTC 2019

Hello Jan,

Still banging my head. Tried everything that was suggested (thanks 
JE9PEL) and more, but still the "Runtime error '9'" that comes up. I 
also checked your updated page on this and downloaded getkiss.exe, but 
guess what........"Runtime error '9'".

Strange as it is, all the other software/decoders/tlm forwarder are 
working. With regards to hs_soundmodem I saw a mention that this can 
also save .kss files. If so, how? If this is possible, then this could 
be an alternative. And to be complete: my goal is to get some KISS-files 
from Athenoxat-1 to upload to them.

73 de Hans


On 06/12/2019 03:55 PM, PE0SAT | Amateur Radio wrote:
> Good morning Hans,
> On 11-06-2019 17:15, Hans BX2ABT via AMSAT-BB wrote:
>> Banging my head against the wall right now. Help me!!!!
>> Have been trying to get DK3WN's software to work on my Linux systems.
>> The decoders start up, only AGW Onlinekiss Plus refuses to start.
>> Using a win32 setup on a 64 bit Linux install. VB6run is installed
>> with winetricks, all the OCX requirements are met. When running "$wine
>> agw_onlinekiss_plus.exe I get a "Runtime error '9' Subscript out of
>> range" error screen. The command line doesn't give me any hints on
>> what might be wrong. And to be complete: different computers,
>> different Kubuntu versions, still the same error message.
>> What is the problem here and more important, what is the solution?
>> Anyone....please........
> I have updated the following link with wine specific installation and 
> configuration information.
> https://www.pe0sat.vgnet.nl/decoding/tlm-decoding-software/dk3wn/
>> Cheers and 73
>> Hans
> 73 Jan - PE0SAT

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