[amsat-bb] KI7UNJ ROVE - DN13/14/21/22/23/24/32/33 - June 14th - 18th

KI7UNJ Tucker ki7unj at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 19:37:47 UTC 2019

Good Afternoon,

I will be head to Twin Falls ID  (DN22) for a few days and be doing some
roving.   Chances for some random night time (MST) passes from DN22 will
post on twitter beforehand.

   - Track me  via APRS  https://aprs.fi/ki7unj-9
   - Rove Updates  https://twitter.com/ki7unj
   - Logging to LOTW as KI7UNJ    * (NO / anything)*
   - FM only

Friday 14th - DN13/DN14
1702Z     AO-92
1754Z     AO-91
1808Z     SO-50

Saturday 15th - DN22/21
1642Z     AO-92
1814Z     AO-91
1830Z     SO-50

Sunday 16th - DN22/DN32
1835Z     AO-91
1855Z     SO-50

Monday 17th - DN23/DN33
1723Z     AO-91
1732Z     AO-92

Tuesday 18th - DN24 (maybe DN14/DN24)
1711Z      AO-92
1744Z      AO-91
1805Z      SO-50


Casey Tucker  KI7UNJ

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