[amsat-bb] NO84 in safe mode

Nicholas Mahr KE8AKW nicholasmahr1 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 21:36:31 UTC 2019

Hi Bob,
Yes me and Scott K4KDR has observed this both with NO-84 the past few days.
Here is a video Scott has on youtube of NO-84's 70cm PSK31 downlink acting
crazy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XqcUNJumSE . The 70cm downlink has
been either a ticking carrier, not transmitting at all, or will transmit
properly for a few seconds before going crazy again. I hope this is not the
last we hear of the PSK31 transponder as I have really enjoyed it. The APRS
downlink with the beacon telemetry has been observed by both me and him as
either off completely or on for a limited a time. I hope to see NO-84's
condition improve soon and to see the launch coming up in a few weeks of
NO-84s replacement, PSAT-2 on the next Falcon Heavy Launch!

73 - Nick KE8AKW

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