[amsat-bb] SATpc32/IC-9700 Start Up Issue

Frank Karnauskas n1uw at gokarns.com
Sun Jun 9 22:03:38 UTC 2019

It turns out that SatPC32 was working all along.

I had gotten the mistaken impression that SatPC32 always updated the
frequency in the radio on a regular basis, i.e., every few seconds or
so.  Apparently it only updates the radio "whenever it needs to."  For
the sake of education to other rookies such as myself...read on.

When I first connected the IC-9700 to SatPC32, I tested it on a
satellite pass that was in range. Yoo-Hoo! Everything worked as
advertised, and on the first try!  SatPC32 updated the radio frequency
every few seconds.  In my subsequent observations, SatPC32 updated the
radio frequency once every ten-to-seconds seconds, if at all.  This is
when I thought I had broken something for some unknown reason.  This
was in the middle of night here in Minnesota and there were no visible
passes for the active birds.

The following morning, after an exchange of emails with Erich to
verify that all my settings were correct, I immediately noticed that
SatPC32 did update the radio frequency every few seconds for
satellites as they became visible to my location.  Aha!

Lesson learned: If  you are testing your connection between your radio
and SatPC32, test with satellites that are in range, not with those
that are on the other side of the planet.

Great program, Erich...thank you for your contribution to this great


"We have no problems, only insurmountabe opportunities." - FWK

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I wrestled with this problem for over a week trying everything I could
think of to change and test.  I finally saw a post by one of the
of either the N1MM Contest Logging program or the WSJT-X digital
program -
can't remember which - saying that if you use their program with the
IC-9700 then turn OFF the CI-V Transceive function or you will have
collisions.  I turned it off in my IC-9700 and haven't had the problem
since (the default is ON).
Go to page 8-13 in the manual to see how to get to this setting.
I'd be interested in knowing how many people had this problem.

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Subject: [amsat-bb] SatPC32/IC-9700 Start Up Issue
After watching Daniel, W5EKG's You Tube video, I had SatPC32 and the
IC-9700 working beautifully on the first try.  (Thanks, Daniel!) The
radio frequency tracked the software real-time just like it should.

However, after playing around for a few minutes (changing satellites,
turning the main tuning knob, etc.) The radio suddenly stopped
following the frequency changes from SatPC32.  The frequency
intermittently updates after 10-20 seconds accompanied by the
frequency on the radio display flashing white from MAIN to SUB for a
brief moment.  Usually nothing happens until I choose another
satellite then the frequency updates once then...crickets.
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