[amsat-bb] Questions for the ARISS contact tomorrow with Moriah Central School at Pt. Henry, NY at 16:54 UTC .

David H Jordan aa4kndhj at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 01:41:51 UTC 2019

Concerning the ARISS contact scheduled with Moriah Central School in Pt.
Henry, NY tomorrow for 16:54 UTC, the order in which the student questions
will be asked has been changed. Below is a copy of the questions presented
in their new order.

1.   What is the purpose of the International Space Station and why is it a
value to all of humanity?

2.   What is the most amazing thing you have seen from the space station?

3.   What do you get to do in your free time when you are not working?

4.   What have you learned the most from living and working in Space?

5.   What is your favorite piece of hardware to use on the space station
and what does it do?

6.   What types of computers are you using on board, and what operating
systems do they run?

7.   Do you get to listen to music in space, and if so what do you all like
to listen to?

8.   What is the most difficult and dangerous thing about living in space?

9.   How many people can fit on board the space station safely?

10.   What is your favorite science experiment on board?

11.   What do you think the importance of future space stations will be?

12.   What is the importance of Amateur Radio on the Space Station?

13.   What is the best part of working with people from different countries
every day?

14.   How did you become an Astronaut?  Does your training for space start
right away or do you have to move up in ranking?

15.   What is your favorite food in space?

16.   Are there any manmade objects on earth you can see from the space

17.   Do you keep a journal of everything you do on board to remember in
the future?

18.   What can scientists do on Earth to help you on the Space Station?

19.   What is the status of CIMON (Simon) the Artificially Intelligent
robot that was sent to the ISS?

20.   What types of computer programming languages were used to write the
software on board the International Space Station?

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