[amsat-bb] Help with SatPC32 and Dual Radios

Erich Eichmann erich.eichmann at t-online.de
Wed Jun 5 21:44:56 UTC 2019

you want to use one radio for RX and TX on VHF, the other one for RX and 
TX on UHF. So, I suppose you have the VFH antenna connected to one radio 
and the UHF antenna to the other. You are right, normally Radio 1 is 
always the receiver and Radio 2 the transmitter. So, if you switch 
between V/U and U/V sats it would be necessary to switch the antennas, 
e.g. using a transfer coax switch.
To avoid this disadvantage check option "Autom. Rx/Tx Change" in menu 
"Radio Setup". (Leave all other options in the menu unchecked). This 
feature will change the roles of the radios as Rx and Tx. If -e.g.- 
radio A is the Radio 1 and connected to the UHF antenna it will be the 
RX with V/U sats (Fo-29). You can tune the radio around the passband and 
radio B will follow. If you switch to a U/V sat (AO-07) radio B will 
become work as the RX. You can tune it in the passband and radio A will 

This feature works only if you switch between v/u and u/v sats, not for 
other bands like your 2.4 GHz downlink. Then you will  use the radio 
with the downconverter for RX. If the uplink 2 m user the othe for TX, 
if the uplink is UHF use the same FT-847.

73s, Erich, DK1TB

Am 05.06.2019 um 22:32 schrieb Michael Wolthuis via AMSAT-BB:
> Ok, so I am fairly new to SatPC32 since leaving my old setups....
> I have dual FT-847's setup as follows:
> FT-847 - TX/RX UHF, RX 2.4ghz (down convert to VHF)
> FT-847 - TX/RX 2m
> So, I setup SatPC32 for two radios.  Both radios are being controlled.
> Issue is it is fine for V/U, but then on a U/V SAT it has the frequencies
> flip-flopped.
> In other words, I think it always uses RADIO A for uplink and RADIO B for
> downlink?
> Is there a way to change/fix this behavior?  I want U on the UHF radio and
> V on the VHF radio.
> Mike
> kb8zgl
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