[amsat-bb] 23cm antenna for L/V

D. Craig Fox DFox at rwglaw.com
Tue Jun 4 22:52:31 UTC 2019

Jeff, I just put up the 6' DSE2425LY a month ago  and could not be more pleased with its performance. So much more gain than my little ebay special and I was pleasantly surprised at how wide the lobes are.
Good luck.



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I'm looking for a medium length Antenna for my  SAT station here in NJ.  As space in limited at my winter home I went with a low gain  Comet CYA-126E. I have a bit more space here, and a more restricted sky view so I'm looking for something around 6'+ or so with 25+ elements to help me burn through the leaves, too many freakin trees here J. I'm looking at a 25 L Directive Systems DSE2425LYK. I once had a 55L DSE when I had more space, no room for that here. Before I pull the trigger on the DSE25 I was wondering if anyone could recommend something a bit larger, but smaller then the DSE45's 12 '
boom length? Thanks in advance...  


73 Jeff kb2m

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