[amsat-bb] Fw: xw-2d problem correction

christy hunter cchunter3 at mindspring.com
Mon Jun 3 14:39:00 UTC 2019

correction: it was on 6/2/19 not 6/1/19.
the pass just now 1435UTC same thing...except I heard 2 other stations 
that did not have these intermittent downlinks?? now I am wondering if 
its my station.
more testing needed.
73 christy KB6LTY

On 6/3/2019 07:10, christy hunter wrote:
> Yes, noticed same issue on 6/1/19 1306UTC pass.
> my downlink was intermittent. no other stations were one the pass, but my own transmissions would cutoff after a few words.
> The following pass (1333UTC) on XW-2C had no issues so I concluded it was not my station.
> 73
> Christy KB6LTY
> --------
> Yes, late afternoon Sunday here (11UTC) same thing. 7J1ADJ/JR6 and I
> wanted to try an SSB QSO, but the beacon, telemetry and our own signals
> would disappear after a second or two. Here is my tweet with
> screenshot......https://twitter.com/BX2ABT/status/1135117033144586240
> Looks similar to the output of XW-2E:
> http://bx2abt.com/main/data/_uploaded/image/20180715_1747-baffled.png
> 73 de Hans
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