[amsat-bb] APRS Links to Puerto Rico via ISS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Sep 28 21:18:16 UTC 2017

The chances are slim that someone in Puerto Rico has an APRS HT, but the
potential exists for such an APRS user to be able to get APRS messages out
during at least 4 passes a day over the Caribbean.


The quick sketch above shows that SATgates in most of the southeast can get
a few minutes of access times.

Another circle shows that Florida Satgates can get maybe 4 passes a day of

So if you have a good satgate, make sure it is up and antennas pointing
southeast if needed.

The live terrestrial plots of Puerto Rico show everything is off the air:


>From anywhere in the southeastern USA, please turn off all beacons and
layback on the contacts via the ISS and PSAT to give any PuertoRican a


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