[amsat-bb] FalconSAT-3 PacSats

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Mon Sep 25 20:48:41 UTC 2017


I used the one from WIN95, and it worked fine on my WIN7 and WIN10 machines.
It does write that and other information to the registry, so you will
probably need to run as an Administrator.



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<Thanks for the good info Alan. On what you told me I'm going to persue this
<farther with my IC-9100. I have MixW running, (I downloaded a copy of the
<new version, installed it and good old MixW still has me registered online
<from 7 years ago! I just called Martha for a code for WiSP, the two codes
<she gave me, one for win 3.1 the other for win95 ?? didn't work. How did
<get your copy of WiSP running?
<73 Jeff kb2m
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<Flex never delivered on the promised 9600 baud capability for the VU5K.
<KE9NS has gotten the RX side working very well, but there is little
<documentation, and so far not on the TX side.  Work still in progress, but
<as I am the only one who seems to want it, very understandably not a high
<priority.  :)
<Yes, the DSP-2232, which I still have, works very well at 9600 baud.  I
<to use it with the FT-847 on the KitSATs and AO-51 when it was in packet
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<<Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] FalconSAT-3 PacSats < <Hi Alan! Very good, before
<moved forward it's good to see someone getting <it working, it assures me
<that I'm not wasting my time. I have a registered <copy of MixW, but also
<think I left the registration key in Florida. I also <have a DSP-2232, and
<Symek TNC3S in Florida. I think the Symek is a
<<1200/9600 baud unit, but the 2232 can run 9600/9600 baud, I think. This
<will <be fun getting them running again with WiSP :-).
<< How come your uplink is limited to 1k2?
<<73 Jeff kb2m
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<<Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] FalconSAT-3 PacSats < <Jeff, < <I don't have 9600
<baud TX, but I have used the MixW virtual TNC to copy the <BBS and digi
<WiSP and a VU5K.  Looks just like 25 years ago when I was <using a hardware
<TNC.  Should work witi the any rig if you have the right <soundcard
<interfacing.  I have already have a copy of MixW, but there is a
<<30 demo, last time I looked.
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<<<Subject: [amsat-bb] Falconsat-3 pacsat << <<I'm interested in getting
<on the pacsat(s). It's been awhile, I'm <<thinking about 15 years since I
<ran WiSP. I just installed a copy of WiSP, <<but my software key is in
<Florida at my winter home, so I'm running the <<demo.  Now a few questions.
<<<1 Is anybody doing the BBS on FalconSat-3?
<<<2. Is so what software are you using?
<<<3. can someone recommend a software derived 9600 baud TNC that will
<<<to <either a Flex VU5K, or an IC-9100. I would need this to work with a
<<WiSP <like program to do the BBS thing. Thanks for helping this old guy
<<<restarted with pacsats.
<<<73 Jeff kb2m
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