[amsat-bb] FalconSAT-3 PacSats

Alan wa4sca at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 19:43:46 UTC 2017


Let me add that the Direwolf TNC program has a section on a virtual TNC
serial port.  No personal experience, but that should work the same as MixW,
and is freeware.



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<I don't have 9600 baud TX, but I have used the MixW virtual TNC to copy the
<BBS and digi with WiSP and a VU5K.  Looks just like 25 years ago when I was
<using a hardware TNC.  Should work witi the any rig if you have the right
<soundcard interfacing.  I have already have a copy of MixW, but there is a
<demo, last time I looked.
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<<I'm interested in getting back on the pacsat(s). It's been awhile, I'm
<<thinking about 15 years since I ran WiSP. I just installed a copy of WiSP,
<<but my software key is in Florida at my winter home, so I'm running the
<<demo.  Now a few questions.
<<1 Is anybody doing the BBS on FalconSat-3?
<<2. Is so what software are you using?
<<3. can someone recommend a software derived 9600 baud TNC that will talk
<<either a Flex VU5K, or an IC-9100. I would need this to work with a WiSP
<<like program to do the BBS thing. Thanks for helping this old guy get
<<restarted with pacsats.
<<73 Jeff kb2m
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