[amsat-bb] AO-7 Status

Paul Stoetzer n8hm at arrl.net
Mon Sep 18 16:50:51 UTC 2017

Just a note that AO-7 has been reliably in Mode B for the past several
days. For the past several months, AO-7 has had a tendency to flip
from Mode B to Mode A even in the presence of only modest uplink
signals, likely due to poor illumination on the solar panels. As the
seasons have progressed, it appears that the illumination situation
has improved. Get on and make some QSOs! This would be a particularly
good time to set up skeds for extreme range QSOs.

According to DK3WN's illum software, from October 15th through
November 21st, AO-7 will be in constant sunlight. During this period,
the 24 hour timer will function and the satellite will spend 24 hours
in Mode B then 24 hours in Mode A. Get those 10 meter antennas ready!


Paul, N8HM

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