[amsat-bb] Making the Linear Satellites more accessible

MICHAEL WILLIAMS k9qho67622 at comcast.net
Mon Sep 11 03:02:45 UTC 2017

I would like to add some comments to Mac's interesting email. As both a CW and SSB op on FO-29, AO7, and the XW birds, I can attest that CW operation is now almost non existent. If I was to guess CW a percentage of total satellite use, it would be less than 2%.  At 2%, the CW problems you mention are not a problem.  From time to time, there are clearly some issues on the linear satellites. A good example is stations using full Doppler correction colliding with stations under manual control. But in general things roll along pretty well and good satellite operators know how to deal with it.  FO-29 is my favorite satellite. It has an excellent receiver and a large footprint. I've QSOed with a station using 50 mW of up link power. With some resourcefulness, I think you could beat the $1000 figure way down. I'd spend $20.00 on a SDR SHARP and see just how well you can hear the linear sats. That would be a good start, and they a fun to play with. All the best in your future satellite operations, Mike K9QHO

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