[amsat-bb] Getting PCSAT32 Working Again

Ray Hoad ray.hoad at mypbmail.com
Sun Sep 10 05:04:32 UTC 2017

Use only the 9-9-17 03:33 UTC orb17252.2l.amsat email or the data in the
www.amsat.org website to update PCSAT32. The AMSAT-NA website data is now
correct (as of 9-9-17 03:33 UTC).

The TLEs sent out on Friday 9-8-17 contained duplicate TLEs of five
satellites and the data on the AMSAT-NA website was corrupted also. This
issue causes PCSAT32 to lockup.

Space-Track introduced duplicates of five TLE sets in my 9-8-17 download for
reasons unknown. As this is a new problem, I did not catch it. So my
orb17251.2l.amsat email was corrupted. But, Space-Track is not doing that
now (???) so I have re-done the KEPs. I have issued orb17252.2l.amsat
(9-9-17 03:33 UTC)  which has been tested and are OK.

DK1TB's PCSAT notes to fix for this problem are under the "?" menu/FAQ/
"Error while loading file xxxx" (at the very bottom) in the PCSAT32 program.

If you can't get PCSAT32 to load, briefly, you need to replace the file
Standard.Sat in C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\SatPC32\Standard.Sat,

with an uncorrupted and older (check the file dates) copy of that file
maintained in (Don't change this file!)

Note: the path that contains the "AppData" folder is usually hidden. To make
it visible, start Windows Explorer and click on "File", click on "Change
folder and search options", and click on "View". Click on "Show hidden
files, folder, and drives". You should now be able to find everything.

Hope this helps. Sorry for all the problems.

Ray Hoad
Orbital Elements Manager

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