[amsat-bb] Message sent to Voyager 1 - 40th anniversary

Rick Walter wb3csy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 17:40:22 UTC 2017

Captain Kirk, William Shatner, gave the command to send the 40th anniversary message to Voyager 1 from NASA's control center. The message was submitted by Oliver Jenkins and chosen by a committee. The message consisted of 448 bits of info, transmitted by the 70 meter dish in Madrid Spain. It took 28 seconds to sent at a rate of 16 bits/second. It will travel 12.9 billion miles to reach Voyager's position in interstellar space. It will take 19.25 hours, traveling at the speed of light to reach Voyager 1. The message is: "We offer friendship across the stars. You are not alone". The message was transmitted at 17:20:01 UTC, 1:20:01 PM EDT.
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