[amsat-bb] Satellite presentations/demos for clubs in central North Carolina?

Philip Jenkins n4hf.philip at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 01:36:47 UTC 2017

I've done a club presentation (and attempted demo) on satellites at one
club in western-central NC this year, and have another one scheduled in
about 10 days at a second club (and currently working out the logistics for
a third club in western NC in October).

At the Shelby NC Hamfest two days ago, I was approached by a member of
still another club - and was introduced to someone else  from yet another
club - about doing satellite presentations for those clubs - no time table,
could even be done next year..

Both of the latter are in the Charlotte area; one meets on the first Monday
night of each month, and the other on the third Monday night.

I'm willing to do both, but I was wondering if there was someone more
centrally located in NC who might want to pick up the gauntlet!   I'm near
Asheville; one of them is at best 2 hours away, and the other 2.5-2.75
hours away.

I've been doing these as a Satellite 101 course, and I'll be glad to share
with you the documents I've created (which you are free to modify); one
being a short Word document on how/where to listen (and track) the FM birds
and ISS, and an approximately 25 slide PowerPoint giving more background
and discussing transmitting to both FM/ISS and the analog birds.

So, if you're in central NC and want to help spread the word, please
contact me off-list. I really would appreciate the help!

TNX de Philip N4HF               N4HF at AMSAT.ORG

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