[amsat-bb] Patch for FoxTelem release 1.05

Chris Thompson g0kla at arrl.net
Tue Oct 31 20:47:29 UTC 2017

My apologies, but I have had to release a quick update to FoxTelem.  If you
already grabbed Version 1.05w in preparation for RadFxSat, then you should
apply the patch.  This will upgrade you to 1.05x.

This patch fixes the following bugs with v1.05w or earlier 1.05 releases:
* When two spacecraft are tracked and "When Above Horizon" is set to start
and stop the decoder, the decoder NEVER starts.
* If the matched filter is selected for DUV then FoxTelem crashes
* When a spacecraft is being decoded, the position is not updated on the
* When the decoders is automatically stopped/started, then the FunCube
Dongle becomes disconnected

To apply this patch simply copy the jar file into your Version 1.05
installation directory and overwrite the existing file.

If you are running FoxTelem Version 1.04f or earlier, you should install
the full
release for Version 1.05x

The files are here:


Chris E. Thompson
chrisethompson at gmail.com
g0kla at arrl.net

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