[amsat-bb] AirSpy Mini VS Funcube Dongle

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How can I get rid of this DC spike in the Funcube Dongle ?


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Subject: [amsat-bb] AirSpy Mini VS Funcube Dongle

Signal Comparison of AirSpy Mini vs Funcube Dongle PRO+


432.440 MHz


AirSpy Mini SDR 3/6 MHz


IF = 9

Mixer = Max 15

LNA = Max 15


Noise Floor -80 db

Signal Peak -50 db

S/N = 30dB


Funcube Dongle Pro + 192 KHz


LNA = Yes

Mixer = Yes

IF Gain = 11


Noise Floor -80 dB

Signal Peak = -35 dB

S/N = 45 db 


RTL-SDR Dongle 2 MHz


Did not compare at all - Noise Floor -50 dB / Bad S/N




Did not compare - was more a GNUradio Tool 


The Funcube Dongle was 15 dB better than the AirSpy Mini 


But remember Fincude SBR is 192 kHz and AirSpy Mini is 3 or 6 MHz


Best: Funcube Dongle Pro +



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