[amsat-bb] Wisp TNC Commands?

Mark L. Hammond marklhammond at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 03:33:57 UTC 2017


MSPE should be putting the TNC into KISS mode, and passing all of the TNC parameters in the TNC Settings tab, and setting your call, and setting the callsigns of the satellite, which are in the General tab.

If you want to watch the actual commands, you could set up a virtual serial port/splitter, point MSPE to one port, and watch it via a terminal program on the other port. 

I find MSPE works as expected with the Paccomm Spirit-2 I'm using.  It supports other TNCs, via menu selection in the TNC Settings tab.

Mark N8MH 

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>Is there a way to monitor the commands Wisp sends to a TNC during 
>startup? I searched the Wisp directories and couldn't find anything.
>A utility program that monitors commands being sent to the TNC would be 
>helpful. Thought of using a simple terminal program along with a comport 
>splitter of some kind, but not sure if that would work.
>Perhaps there's a list of Wisp TNC commands for different TNC's 
>somewhere on the web.
>Tony -K2MO

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