[amsat-bb] Falconsat 9k6

Scott scott23192 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 07:31:47 UTC 2017

Hey Colin!

If my luck is any indication, you're right on with your recommendations.

I use an SDRPlay and leave the audio output filtering in HDSDR at 15k as I 
do for all 9k6 data streams.

On the RF side, I do narrow that down visually to just outside the data 
stream to try to pull in the best SNR since the passes are pretty far south. 
Looking back at a recent screen shot, I'm reminded that 11400-11500 turns 
out to still provide good decodes.

The following tweet shows that in HDSDR: 

(11409 in that particular shot)


-Scott,  K4KDR


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Subject: [amsat-bb] Falconsat 9k6

Reading the mail over the last week re Falconsat reception.

Not listened personally, but my thoughts went back to the early days of 9k6
when we upgraded the filters on our rigs to 15kHz for optimum performance
for 9k6.

These days with SDR's and the nice software packages that are available you
can "make you own" filters for the various digital modes currently flying,
4k8, 9k6 and 19k2.

I have found 15Khz is optimal for most of the current 9k6 G3RUH satellite
downlinks and 20kHz for the 9k6 GMSK Downlinks.

Using Funcube Dongle Pro+ and SDR Console Version 3.0 with UZ7HO Decoder.

As yet cannot vouch for Falconsat.

Colin VK5HI. 

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