[amsat-bb] [OZAPRS] FalconSat-3 sig level to decode

Ken Swaggart k.swaggart at charter.net
Fri Oct 13 15:32:21 UTC 2017

Looks like everything is working correctly. I see your packets are making it to the APRS-IS:



Ken, W7KKE

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Sent: Friday, October 13, 2017 04:03
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Subject: RE: [OZAPRS] [amsat-bb] FalconSat-3 sig level to decode

I have Direwolf decoding FalconSat-3 

+ Diamond x200
+ LDF4-50
+ Airspy Mini
+ VB Audio Cable
+ Direwolf 9600

But I don’t see these making it to the APRS-IS

Reading config file direwolf.conf
Available audio input devices for receive (*=selected):
    0: CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual
    1: Microphone (Realtek High Defini
Available audio output devices for transmit (*=selected):
    0: Speakers (Realtek High Definiti
    1: CABLE Input (VB-Audio Virtual C
Channel 0: 9600 baud, K9NG/G3RUH, +, 44100 sample rate x 2.
The ratio of audio samples per sec (44100) to data rate in baud (9600) is 4.6 This is on the low side for best performance.  Can you use a higher sample rate?
Note: PTT not configured for channel 0. (Ignore this if using VOX.) Ready to accept AGW client application 0 on port 8000 ...
Ready to accept KISS client application on port 8001 ...

Now connected to IGate server rotate.aprs.net ( Check server status here

[ig] # aprsc 2.1.4-g408ed49
[ig] # logresp VK4TEC-5 verified, server NINTH

Connected to AGW client application 0 ...

Ready to accept AGW client application 1 on port 8000 ...

PFS3-11 audio level = 1(+2/-2)   [NONE]   ____||||:
[0.6] PFS3-11>PBLIST:PB: Empty.<0x0d>
Unknown APRS Data Type Indicator "P", Original Balloon (think Ham b

PFS3-12 audio level = 2(+2/-2)   [NONE]   :|||||||:
[0.4] PFS3-12>BBSTAT:Open ABCD:<0x20>
Unknown APRS Data Type Indicator "O", JEEP

PFS3-11 audio level = 2(+2/-2)   [NONE]   |||||||__
[0.3] PFS3-11>STATUS:B: 8559818<0x0d>
Unknown APRS Data Type Indicator "B", Original Balloon (think Ham b

PFS3-1 audio level = 2(+2/-2)   [NONE]   __:|::___
[0.3] PFS3-1>TLMC-1:CL:0
Unknown APRS Data Type Indicator "C", Ambulance

Error getting message header from AGW client application 0.
Tried to read 36 bytes but got only 0.
Closing connection.

 audio level = 3(+3/-3)   [NONE]   _____|___
[0.5] (Not AX.25)J<0x15><0xc8><0xae><0x18><0xc9>8<0x89>O<0x98><0xd3><0x9b><0x16><0x98><0xae><0x8b>i<0xa7><0x85><0x1e><0x0b>i<0x02><0xbc>m<0x86>u<0x08>

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